foodpost: How To Make Scrambled Eggs (and not a sandwich)

If it is past midnight when you read this I hope you get hungry. I hope you run to your pantry and realise the sprint was futile…because you are out of mi goreng and you can’t be bothered making anything else. SO THAT when you wake up tomorrow morning and make some scrambled eggs, it is going to be the best friggin’ thing you have tasted.


Obligatory ingredients (PRE-used-by-date) shot:

  1. Buncha eggs.
  2. Cherry tomotoes
  3. Mushyrooms
  4. Crusty fancy bread
  5. Butter (not to be mistaken for Butters)
  6. Cheese (I chose Swiss, but feel free to go German, Chinese, Spanish-Thai – this is a multicultural recipe)
  7. Cream (If you’re vego like me, look out for creams with gelatine in them)


Grab some fruity tomatoes.


Now quarter and slaughter them as though they KILLED ALL THE CATS IN THE WORLD.
But then they apologized and bought you chocolate, so you give them a lesser punishment and merely quarter them.


Add salt n’ pepa and cook them on medium heat until their blood starts to clot on the bottom of the pan. Divide onto warm plates whilst killing cooking other ingredients.


Aren’t these salt and pepper shakers adorable? I want me some cuddles.


Slice up some onions whilst wearing all sorts of ridiculous devices to stop you from tearing. Like goggles designed by Google, chewing gum clinging to your nostrils and Buzz Aldrin’s astronaut suit.


Toss the onions and slice mushrooms into the pan (w/ oil on medium-high heat).Image

Saute like a Frenchman!


In a bowl, beat (in-a-non-abusive-manner) a few eggs, salt+pepper and dash of cream. UNTIL IT FROTTHHHSS.


Pour into lightly-oiled pan on medium to medium-low heat. When the edges begin to set, push the mixture from the outskirts to the middle, scrapping the bottom. This will looks like the folds of your grandma’s chin, giving the ‘scrambled’ effect!


THICKLY cut your bread, narrowly avoiding your fingers and a trip to the hospital.


Bread in pan.


Slice cheese to fit bread. Do not eat cheese. Yet.


Toast. Do you like cheese?


Combine all items in inventory. Now FEAST ON YOUR CREATION!

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One thought on “foodpost: How To Make Scrambled Eggs (and not a sandwich)

  1. Less effort making microwave scrambled eggs. 🙂 Yum. Then you eat with sausage, toast, grilled tomatoes…*drool*…

    Love the blog, btw. 😛

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