musicpost: I LOVE POP

So I’m in a band called Akoustix. We’ve rotated through 4 guitarists in the past 6 months and now it’s just me and my mate Justeen, who’s a wonderfully skilled (piano teacher!) musician.

This is just us fooling around at our monthly gig for Nandos Burleigh Heads. Singing for our dinner, basically (vegie burger and chips for me!). The song is ‘If I Had Youby Adam Lambert. Now that we don’t have the boys to worry about, we’re free to do the music that we love – and we have pretty similar tastes.

And I’m not ashamed to say that I LOVE POP.

It’s bright, catchy, and despite all the duds – contains some of the best voices in the music industry. Pop, short for popular music, is just that – appeals to the greatest audience. The lyrics are relatable and if they’re shallow – so what? I’m 19, I spend a great deal of time looking in the mirror, crying over mundane things – pop lets me embrace the little girl that I still am.

Many pop artists might have a team of people behind them, helping to create and maintain their image – but if they put on a great show, then it’s all worth it (enter Lady Gaga into thoughts). Their existence helps support the livelihood of all the people they work with: producers, roadies, make-up artists etc.

I like other music, too. Gimme some jazz, RnB, rock, country, musical numbers – I will take anything with good vocals. Because I’m a singer. And that’s what’s important to me. (So I don’t listen to Screamo, but I still understand why other people do. And that’s okay.)

What kind of music do you listen to? And are there tracks on your playlist that you’ll only listen to in private?

P.S. It’s come to my attention that YouTube has caused some minor image problems in each video – they don’t last long and hopefully they don’t cause too much interference but I will attempt to re-upload the songs later. Ta!


2 thoughts on “musicpost: I LOVE POP

  1. Shuk says:

    Well said 🙂 You spoke for me too I reckon! I wonder what’s so wrong with pop – if everyone tries to run from mainstream to alternative music, doesn’t that make alternative music the new mainstream?

    Food for thought.

    PS. Im going to try your bibimbap recipe – I love Korean food!

    • It’s so easy (apart from chopping up vegies) and pretty healthy too 🙂 I love the spicy gochujang sauce!

      And yeah – non-conformatism for the sake of non-conforming is just being scared to go after what you truly enjoy.

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