What If it was You?


At 10.27pm tonight, I heard the distinct scream of a girl outside my house. I opened my door and heard a muffled conversation, then doors closing. As I peered out, a silver car, parked opposite my house, drove off.

I muddled over what to do. What if it was just a girl with her friends, being silly? After a couple of minutes, I dialed 000. The operator asked for my state and town, which I gave. I told her I wished to report something. I then waited 40 seconds for her to try three different numbers. Eventually, the number that picked up was a station in Brisbane, an hour’s drive from where I live. The operator took my details, my story, then said he’d send my message along to my town’s police station, but that it would take a while as I dialed the 000 number.

And now I sit here at my laptop. Ten minutes before hearing the scream, I had arrived home after walking in the dark from university. What if it was me?

What I’m doing right now is what I urge my friends and readers to do: put your local police station (closest to home and/or work, wherever you travel often) on speed dial/your favourites list. And if you notice anything out of the ordinary, don’t hesitate. Try to get all the details you can and call them straightaway.

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