Day 2 (Malaysia): Kuay Teow, Roti Canai & Yummy Duck

I woke up late today (cough, cold, headaches…SUPER SICK) so I only had two meals.

Breakfast at 1pm: fried egg on kuay teow (flat rice noodles with bean sprouts), roti canai (indian flatbread made with flour, egg, fat and water) and a thin curry.


Since I’m mega unwell, we bummed around at home until dinner time.

Enter Yummy Duck!


The titular yummy ducks.


Yummy Duck is owned and operated by my aunty’s husband’s brother. My uncle’s brother. My mum’s sister’s brother-in-law. Uncle Hooi.


I’m related to all these people! Well, three of them by marriage and not blood, but still!

Winky Mak being Asian and advocating peace.


Since I’m all weird and vegetarian, I got Crispy Noodle braised with Prawn, minus the prawn. RM12, which is approx. AUS$3.74. It’s similar to the Wat Ton Hor I had for dinner yesterday, except the noodles are round, thin, and dryer, allowing them to have more of a ‘fried‘ taste, and pick up more egg sauce.


I also had me a cup of hot, sugary, soya bean milk. I’ve noticed that when I force my non-Malaysian friends to try it, they hate it. Cause it tastes weird and not like cows milk.



Everyone else shared the rest of the dishes on the lazy susan, with differing bases. Some had rice, some had noodles with bean sprouts.

Hong Kong style thin egg noodles


Butter sauce noodle…


Fried pork neck.


Roasted pork belly & chilli padi with garlic (the green stuff).


Char sieu (BBQ pork).


Fried chicken wings stuffed with glutinous rice.


Won ton (dumpling) soup.


Chap Suey (stewed kai choy (relative of bok choy), chilli and assorted meats). This was super spicy.


Back to my beautiful, glorious vegetables! Hong Kong Style, lightly fried with garlic.

Kai lan.


Choy yuan.


Yu Mak. Basically lettuce, but so soft with a hint of crunch when wilted.


Stay tuned for Day 3, when I might actually get 3 meals. Ta!

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