Day 4 (Malaysia): Mid Valley Mega Mall

Too much shopping and food.

We began the day with some kaya bao (steamed bread buns filled with coconut jam) and lo mai gai (glutinous sticky rice).


Another cup of teh tarik for me.


On the way to Mid Valley Mega Mall.


Christmas is coming.


But you can’t shop on an empty stomach


Pick-and-Choose Yong Tou Fu.


Winky Mak with her selection.


Baba Mak’s Curry Laksa.


My Chee Cheong Fun. Fried onion galore.


Battered sweet potato fries, sprinkled with cinnamon sugar. This stuff is addictive. I’d had a similar dish at A Caterpillar’s Dream, a vegetarian restaurant in Kew, Melbourne, Australia. It blew my mind then and it serenaded my taste-buds now.


We ate them with skewers.


Ice Kachang (shredded ice) with condensed milk and red beans.


We also had hot soya bean milk and my mum had a bowl of tau foo fa (extra silken tofu with sugar syrup).


After shopping for a couple of hours, we were ready to go home, but it was peak hour traffic, so we decided to wait.

What do the Maks and Chins do when they wait? EAT.

Winky bought us some herbal tea eggs.


Cheap deliciousness. These are also popular in China.


The marbled effect on the cooked egg comes from cracks in the shell during the cooking process, allowing bits of the seasoned soy sauce mixture to marinate through.


This popiah was a ton better than the Japanese Salad stuff from Day 1. It was 50% fried crispy bits, had soft steamed radish and no weird mayo. Lovely.


Aunty Maan’s Ice Kachang, this time with creamed corn.


Foo Chook Pak Gor Tong Sui (dried beancurd dessert soup)


Uncle Chiu eating Subway.


Some soup noodles that Winky didn’t really like.


Eve’s Cendol. She didn’t like the black stuff that looks like worms so she’s palming it off to her mum.


Durian pancakes.


More window shopping. Cutest things ever.


I don’t know if you know this about me, but I. Love. Bread.


Another coffee break.


Aunty Mary snacking on nasi lemak from breadtalk. Banana cake in the foreground.


Then we went grocery shopping. Eve is a monkey.


My mum smiled!


I have no idea what she’s pointing at.


You better not upload this picture.


On our way home we got some bao. We ordered so much that we almost drove away twice, and the shop guy had to chase us down with the rest of our buns.


Vegetarian bao.


Char Sieu Bao (BBQ pork bun).


Dai bao (big bun).


Finally home. My stash for the day.

Fake eyelashes (RM6, AUS$1.88), TopShop Ring (RM53, AUS$16.57), MNG Cortita Shorts (RM49, AUS$15.32), Wireless Mouse, & Muji lined notebook (RM25.90, AUS$8.10).


Well that was exhausting.

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