Day 5 (Malaysia): Buns & Home Cooking

Stayed home today.

Breakfast. Chee Cheong Fun (rolled rice noodles with ground bean paste).


Snack time. Mui Choy Ba0 (preserved vegetable bun).


Leftovers from the fridge: Apple Tart from Deli FranceApple Pie from Maccas & Durian Bomb.


Tiramisu & Coffee Chiffon Cakes.


Happy time! Another cup of teh tarik.


Curry Bao. The bread is cooked with an aluminum foil cup of curry inside.


Dip the bread into the curry.


Rambutan & mangosteen. Native Malaysian fruits.


Rambutan flesh.


Moar papaya!


Cooking time.


Stalking Aunty Mann whilst she cooks. This baby bok choy was stir-fried with a bit of oil, a ton of minced garlic, a cup of water and some soya sauce.


Our feast.


Kecap Manis & Rice Wine Fish.


French Bean Stir Fry with Mui Choi (preserved vegetable).

_MG_6496Steamed egg.


Stir-fried baby bok choy with garlic.


Stewed Pork with Egg.


Seiw Yok (Roasted Pork).


Old Cucumber Soup. Most unappetizing name ever.


Baba Mak with a glass of red wine.


A family affair.


Bon appetite.

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