Day 6 (Malaysia): Baby & Cat.

Breakfast at PappaRich. They recently opened a new restaurant in Chadstone, Melbourne, AUS.


I get super excited whenever I get a choice of food.


It’s a baby!

She’s my cousin Jeremy’s daughter.


Coolest baby ever.

She’s shy and rarely smiles, so I told her dad she’s going to grow up a cynic and an intelligent introvert who loves reading books.

Like her cool aunt.


I do love my teh tarik. Teh ice.


Steamed and toasted roti (bread) with kaya and butter.




Ipor Hor Fun (prawn noodles) & Ice Lemon Tea.


Milo Dinosaur.


Mamak (Malay & Indian) Mee Goreng.


Dry Kuay Teow.


Steamed Chicken (served with the above Kuay Teow).




Otak Otak (steamed fish paste). 


Eggy-Weggs. (A Clockwork Orange anyone?)




Half-boiled Eggs. Usually eaten with soy sauce and pepper.


Jeremy and his daughter.


Another kuay teow.


My beautiful Vegetarian Nasi Lemak. Fried beans, peanuts, curry mutton, onion sambal, cucumber slices, pappadums and coconut rice.

Winky asked me yesterday what my favourite meal is. Nasi Lemak.


Glutinous Rice with Rendang Chicken.


Baby’s Seal of Approval.


Meow. Stray cat.



Popiah from Petaling Jaya.


Baked Sweet Potato.


…and my aunty snacks on some weird nacho cheese stuff.




“If it swims, we have it.”


You ain’t gonna live long, sir.


Vegetables and fish on ice.


Baby and her papa.


I’ve got a lovely bunch of coconuts.






Got rice?


Fried Rice?


Mapo Tofu.


Satay Sticks.


Stir-Fried Ching Long (a new expensive cross breed vegetable) & Enoki Mushrooms. 


Stir-Fried Gai Lan.


Salted Egg-Yolk Crab.


Chilli Garlic Muscles.


Steamed Garlic Prawns.


Quack. Roasted Duck.


Scraping the flesh off the steamed fish.


Deep-Fried Sultan Fish Scales.


Vegosaurus time. Wat Ton Hor.


Yeah I am the coolest kid around. What of it?


My mum loves kids. She’s pretty good with them.


My mum was rolling up bits of tissue and they were throwing them at each other.

Baby was pretty amused.


Complimentary Fruit Platter. Honeydew, watermelon & dragonfruit.


“Lots of Love & Kisses from Everyone.”


Happy Birthday Aunty Mary.


Did you make a wish?




Yeah. We’re pretty cool.


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