Day 7 (Malaysia): French Toast, Vegetarian Buffet and Baby.

French Toast baby. Cooked by my auntie. Crispy on the outside, soft and eggy inside.


Where would I be without my daily cup of teh tarik?


Happy baby, happy times. Taken from the balcony in our house.


Off to dinner we go. (I didn’t skip lunch, I just didn’t have any).


Bao bao bao bao bao. Buns.


Vegetarian Restaurant. Jaymee got very, very excited.


You take some rice… (I like brown)


Choose your dishes…


Tofu of sorts.


Pile your dish up super high and show it to the counter, where they assess the cost.

On my plate: Stir-fried lettuce with garlic, mixed vegetables with vermicelli noodles, vegetable curry, meat & potato rendang, deep-fried chilli fish, sweet & sour pork, fried green beans and eggplant with minced meat, satay stick & miscellaneous fried meatsAnd rice underneath all of that.

The meats tasted pretty realistic (although I haven’t eaten meat in 5 and a half years), and the vegetables were excellent. My favourites were probably the curried cabbage, the rendang potato, the fried eggplant and the sweet & sour pork.

But you know, I love food so I loved everything.


The Satay Stick that was buried underneath the rest of my food.


Vitamilk Soya Bean Milk. Sugary goodness. Who needs soda?


Vegetarian Prawn Crackers.


Eve’s weird snack thing.


Vegetarian Char Sieu Bao (BBQ pork), Curry bao & Dai Bao (big bun).




Nom nom.


I couldn’t finish my meal so I got takeaway. Piled that up too.


Winky gets really embarrassed when I take photos of her.


I’m a baby and my cheeks are huge and adorable.




Baby and her maid.


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