Day 8 (Malaysia): Christmas Eve Dinner and How to Make Roti Canai

Vegetarian Lo Mai Gai, takeaway from last night.

_MG_7806 Standard teh tarik.


What was that? You want to know what I look like internet?




Char Sieu Hor.


Our household loves iPads.


My aunty’s birthday present, courtesy of her sisters.


Christmas Eve dinner at Sentul. Two turkeys.


Merry Xmas.


Doing the deed.


Damn this is corny.


Gnocchi gnomes.


L’opera gateau.


Swiss Chocolate Log Cake.


Boys love fighting.


Boys will be boys.


Will be boys.


Will be boys.


Will be boys.


Who also love eating other people’s food.


Supper. Everything’s open until late here.


I insanely love curry.


Making Roti Canai Telur.

Press down a ball of dough.


Throw it. Stretch it.


Pull it flat.


Pour egg on it.


Fold  the edges over into a square.


Flip that bread.


Making Roti Tissue.

Spread flat on hot hot plate.


Liberal amounts of butter/margarine.


Hit it with sugar.


Trim the soft edges.


Make it into a cone.


Merry Christmas to me.


and to you.

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