Day 9 (Malaysia): Christmas Day at Genting Highlands Amusement Park

Stopover up the mountain to Genting.


Eve wanted durian icecream.


Genting is slightly tacky.


Have I mentioned how much I hate people? Genting on Christmas Day is the worst.


Winky is obsessed with Bak Kut Teh. It’s a Chinese broth cooked with meat, bones and a bunch of herbs and spices for hours.


Booyah. Jaymee’s lunchtime.


Vegetarian Curry Laksa. I’d like to marry curry. RM 8.90, AUS$2.80.


Love Soya Bean Milk.


Maccas Twisty Fries say what?


Winky Mak: “I’m too busy studying to fall in love!”


Hobbit time.


My snacks: Ice Lemon Tea and caramel popcorn.


Eve Low Er Zhu. Piggy pig pig. (Zhu means pig in chinese)


Eve’s sweetcorn. Yeah, that’s a thing here. Salted popcorn, caramel popcorn, buttered sweetcorn.


Winky Mak.


3D movies are a scam. But we look cool.


Fog. Carpark.


Eve paying me back for her One Direction t-shirt.


Late dinner.




Garlic, chilli padi and chilli sambal.


Winky was craving Wat Ton Hor.


Pai Guat Man Mai (pork rib noodles).


Vegetarian Fook Kin Mein (black sauce noodles).


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2 thoughts on “Day 9 (Malaysia): Christmas Day at Genting Highlands Amusement Park

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  2. Axe says:

    Hi Winky, did u used to work in Singapore dynasty in Kallang during the 90s?

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