Day 12 (Bali): Traditional Dance, Fluffy Animals and a Volcano

Ye olde typical hotel continental breakfast buffet.


Muffins, pastries, toast, cereal, spreads.


A definite sign the place is frequented by Aussie tourists.


Fruit mix, bananas, watermelon & papaya.


Veggie Omelette.


The Barong & Kris Dance, representing the battle between good and evil, in Jambe Budaya.


Traditional Balinese dance utilizes angular steps and inward kicks, finger isolation and sudden, startling facial expressions.

Also their hips do not lie.


I walked in and everyone had bigger and better cameras than me.

But it’s not what you’ve got, it’s what you do with what you’ve got!


Cheeky buggers.


Super cheeky buggers. (That’s a monkey and his tail.)


The witch (Rangda).


Killing men, as you do.


The witch uses black magic to make the soldiers commit suicide, but Barong, the lion-like, king of the spirits, casts a protective spell to make the soldiers invulnerable to sharp objects.


Posing with the Barong and two dancers.


Posing with the cheeky buggers. They broke out into Gangnam Style alot.


A commemorative plate, picturing our arrival.


Kiddies waving at us as we passed by.


Traditional Balinese weaving and printing.


Handpainted, vibrant colours.


Dipping the pipe into hot gold paint, then blowing it, before drawing it on.


The sarong I bought. I like yellow and blue.


Visiting a silvery.


The result of painstaking work.


Making a link chain.


Art gallery.


Lizard snacking on religious offerings.


Oo oo ah ah.




Old traditional stove.




The colouring process.


Painting in the shading to accentuate the colours.




Proud of it.


As a kid, I used to spell E-L-E-P-H-A-N-T really fast. All the time.




Too adorable.


So… there are lots of dogs in Bali.


Visiting a plantation.

Coffee bean up close.


Can you guess what this is?


No patisserie is complete without it.


I just liked the pretty flower. 


I wouldn’t touch its fuzziness.


A Luwak, which produces the world’s most expensive coffee – by eating and secreting coffee beans.


Luwak, luwak, won’t you come out and play?


Luwak coffee beans. Balinese coffee beans come in male (one, stronger) and female (two, weaker).


Ground Luwak Coffee.


Roasting the coffee beans.


Tasting a bunch of teas and coffees: red rice tea, ginger tea, coconut coffee, vanilla coffee etc.


Ma’s cup of Luwak Coffee. She did not sleep much that night.


Putu, our tour guide and driver, being silly with passionfruit.


We bought ALOT of tea and coffee. My favourites were the Balinese Moccacino and Red Rice Tea.


Oh hi there volcano.


Selling stuff.


Oh bye lake.


At this point I get super sad and mourn my loss of half a day’s worth of photos.

Lunch at an Indonesian buffet, a few temples and a Western Dinner. 

Don’t worry, tomorrow will be better.

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One thought on “Day 12 (Bali): Traditional Dance, Fluffy Animals and a Volcano

  1. Cochlear says:

    They’re such lovely photos

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