Day 13 (Bali): Seawalking, Monkeys and Sunset Dinner

Breakfast: Veggie & Cheese omelette, banana pancakes (the cooked banana imparts a very rich, concentrated flavour), fried potatoes and papaya juice.


Going Seawalking!


I was nervous at first, just taking the boat out there, but that quickly changed into immense excitement.


Dad’s showing the signal for “okay”, since thumbs up means you want to head to the surface. Winky and I are just being Asian.


It was pretty hard to see where you were going, since the glass was super thick and angular.


We were 4m below the surface.


Dad got photobombed by the fish.


I did the noob thing of letting go of all my bread in the span of 10 seconds, not realising that you’re suoposed to hold on to it and slowly attract fish over the span of 20 minutes…

It cost USD50 to buy photos and videos of our underwater adventure. Worth it.

Banana boat!


I got super sore arms from holding on too tight.


Racing off the hot sand.


Ma and Ba went to Turtle Island.


While we…


…relaxed in the cool water.


Hunger time. at Garden Resto, Dewi Sri.

Putu, our tourguide, was amused that we were all addicted to technology. (So was he.)


For me, Aqua will always be synonymous with “I’m a Barbie Girl!”.


Vegetarian Mi Goreng (literal translation, noodles fried), as only the Indonesians know how. This was a tad too salty however.


Putu’s Spicy Chicken. It was way too spicy for him.


Gado gado, a cooked salad with hard boiled eggs, tofu, whatever veggies you want and a satay-based sauce.


Fried Dong Fun (glass noodles).


Doggie! This one looked more vicious than the others though.


Trekking to the temple and the sea. Much sweat was involved.


My mudda: ultimate poser.


Winky is hilariously afraid of heights.


Ba smiles even less than Ma does.


Sorry Ma, your face was just too good. Also this is what I meant by, “You look like you’re in pain, please smile.”


Winky was relieved to get off the cliff.


Monkeys on our way back down. The one in front grabbed my bag.


Felt a bit dirty taking this one.




Meet Kevin. He randomly came up and started talking to us. As we left, I said, “Hey Kevin!” and started snapping pictures.


Kevin said, “I can do this!”






Putu kept snakeskin fruit in his van as a snack. We tried it. We did not like it. It is super pungent.


Sunset Dinner.


The crunchiest, tastiest peanuts I’ve ever had.


My Bali Ice  Tea.


Winky and her pineapple juice.


Ma’s Young Coconut.


Beach Corn Vendor.


Fresh, seasoned, juicy corn.




Why’d you have to be wearing a yellow shirt?


The eponymous sunset.


It looked like it was going to rain, so we moved indoors.


Fries, milady?


Chilli Lobster and Muscles.


Cap Choy (translation, mixed vegetables). This may not look like much, but it was delicious, packed with garlicky goodness.


Nomming by candlelight.


Soft, luscious, garlicky Kang Kong.


It’s the blurriest one, but the garlic paste (made with oil and salt) was seriously addictive. We polished off four more plates of that stuff. The chilli paste wasn’t too bad either.


Chilli Sotong (cuttlefish).


Grilled fish and prawns.


Goodnight, everyone.


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