Day 14 (Bali): Waterfall, Minor Car Accident and Indian Fine Dining

Breakfast: Fried noodles with sweet chilli sauce, steamed garlic vegetables and crumbed cabbage with carrot.


Farmers beating wheat.


Temple by the sea.


Setting out religious offerings.  


Standing in front of building is not my favourite past-time.


Balinese Kueh, a sweet snack made with glutinous rice flour, coloured with pandan leaves and filled with liquid brown sugar.


Putu bought 5 bags for his adorable 5-year-old daughter, who loves Kueh.


It’s common for Balinese women to carry full baskets on their heads, often balanced by a roll of material.


Oh Winky. Bashful, bashful Winky.


Wooden penis’s for sale. Not sure if culturally significant or tacky tourist desperation.


However, given that our Indonesian tour guide Putu was amused, probably the latter.


Taking a break from the heat with some cool young coconuts.


Fleshy coconut.


Ba showing some random family a magic trick.




The kid couldn’t figure out how to do it.

The mum thanked my dad, and we went on our merry way.


Rice plantation steps.


Lunchtime: Indonesian Buffet.


I ate many-a-thing. Stir-fried noodles, nasi goreng (literal translation, rice fried), garlic vegetables, gado gado, spring rolls with plum sauce.


Floating temple.


Tall trees are tall.


If only Americans ate their national emblem like we Australians do.


Monkeys by the roadside.


Darling, you’re simply not grooming me right.


Pretty lake. Oh hi there Winky.


Oh hi there table.


Woo Ba’s smiling and pulling a pose!


Glob glob. Starfish.


Reminds me of Freddie, the lizard who lives in my kitchen who may or may not have been killed by the pest exterminator.


I HATE BATS. They scare me, walking home alone in the Gold Coast at night.


We’re going on a trek! (A 250m trek.)


Just for you, _ _ _ _.


Do I even need to caption this one?


Me and Ma.


Me and Ma.


Me and Ma.


Me and Ma.


Me and Ma.


Me and Ma.


Impromptu Music Video.

We had a minor car accident on the way home. It woke me from my nap.

Our back door was jammed shut.


This car got more dented than ours, though.


This car did not fare well at all.

The little girl whose family was in this car, was bawling her eyes out by the roadside.


Dinner Time: Indian Fine Dining.


Winky’s Mango Juice.


Putu’s Coke.


Ba’s Bajillionth Bintang Beer in Bali.


Spicy Pappadum, on the house.


Sauces to go with the pappadum: chilli padi, dahl & spicy red onion.


The restaurant had poor lighting, plus I was super hungry, so these turned out a bit blurry. To minimize ugliness, I have scaled the pictures for you.

From left to right: vegetable frittersbutter mushroom ricelentil dahl,  eggplant curry, some chicken dish (I’m a lazy vegetarian!) and Marsala Kofta balls.

Indian food

I’m so embarrassed of the above photos. Please forgive me, internet.

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