Day 16 (Malaysia): Char Kuay Teow, The Royal Lake Club and Thosai Masala.

After too much sightseeing in Bali, all I wanted to was stay home and relax.

So today’s photos are all of food. Enjoy!


Takeaway at home.

Sorry Ma, the pork noodle soup was in focus.


For me: Char Kuay Teow.

This one’s with thick yellow noodles, cooked as usual in soy sauce, kecap manis, bean sprouts and broken up bits of scrambled and fried egg.


Snacktime: Tau Fu Fa, silken tofu in a sugar syrup. Usually eaten warm as a snack or as a dessert soup.


Dinner, at The Royal Lake Club.

Man making roti.


Frying oyster omelette.


Frying Char Kuay Teow.


Sizzling Satay Sticks.


Satay Sticks served with a smile.


Vaday, a floury, donut-like savoury bread with onion and Indian spices such as cumin. Great for dipping in curry – I had it with dahl.


Teh tarik, anyone?


Fried oyster omelette.


Vegetarian Mi Goreng. Veggies, egg & tofu. Usually served super spicy.


Rojak (Malay for ‘mixture’), vegetable and fruit salad in a sweet, thick and spicy peanut sauce.


My favourite dish of the night. I stole half of my uncle’s dish.

Thosai Masala, a fermented crepe made from rice batter and black lentils. In India, the pancake is more commonly known as Dosa.

Thosia Masala is fillled with lightly cooked potatoes, onions and spices. It was number 49 on World’s 50 most delicious foods complied by CNN Go in 2011.

It’s sugar and fat-free and slightly sour. Ours was served with coconut paste, meat curry and lentil dahl.


Chicken Satay Sticks, served with compressed rice cubes, cucumber and red onion, which you pierce with your stick and dip into the accompanying peanut satay sauce.


Meaty Char Kuay Teow.


Fried Mee Hoon.


Roti Canai, plain, with butter.


Ikan Bakar, grilled stingray.


Grilled yellowtail.


I’m out!

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