Day 18 (Malaysia): Vegetarian Pan Mee, Micky D’s and Teo Chew Porridge

Breakfast: Unpacking the takeaway.


Vegetarian Pan Mee, hand made flour noodle with spinach and vegetarian ham, in a hearty, slightly oily broth.


Meaty Pan Mee, with salted dried anchovies on top. It’s in a block because it was takeaway from a plastic container.


Dried chilli paste, to go with the Pan Mee.


Fried Beancurd Skin. Supremely oily.


Fried Fish Cake, served with a thick sweet chilli sauce. I dipped my beancurd skins in it. Yum.


Eve and her after-school meal. Micky D represent. They have twisty fries here.


They brought me back an Oreo McFlurry. Which is cool, because I was thinking about ice-cream.


Woo. Dinner time.


Restaurant Teow Chew Porridge. Pretty wide selection of side dishes.


Stir-fried spinach with garlic and chilli.


Potatoes with minced meat, cooked with black sauce, soya sauce and sugar.


Stir-fried long green beans with minced meat.


Salted vegetables, a common accompaniment to porridge. Asian porridge is made by cooking rice in a higher water ratio than usual, without salt. Thus, ham choi is a perfect side dish.


Hard boiled eggs, drizzled with thick soya sauce.


Fried semi-firm tofu, drenched with thick soya sauce.


Fu Chuk, sugary soya bean milk with barley. It can be both a dessert and a warm drink.


I had porridge.


Others had rice with soya sauce.


Salted dried turnip omelette. Seeing a trend with the salt yet?


Fishcake wrapped with egg. A new menu item, on the house.


Steamed minced meat with salted dried turnip. I used to love it when my mum made this. But…. now I’m a vegosaurus.


Zai Jian (goodbye) everybody.

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