Day 19 (Malaysia): A Vegetarian’s Dream – Kechara Restaurant Review

Picking Eve up from school. Spotted this on a fence at another school.


Kechara, a Buddhist Vegetarian fine dining restaurant tucked away in the almost deserted home decor shopping centre, VIVA.


Dim Sum Menu: Crispy Stuffed Eggplant (RM5.80, AUD 1.82)

This was one of my favourite dishes. Eve, who normally hates eggplant, says she loved the way this was cooked. The crispy batter compliments the soft, fluffy eggplant, which is completed by the sweet chilli sauce drizzled on top.


Dim Sum Menu: Kechara Steamed Dumpling “TEOW CHOW” style (RM 4.80, AUD 1.51)

These were…. okay.


A La Carte Menu: Petai Fried Rice (RM 13.80, AUD 4.33)

Menu Description: “The healthy and delicious Petai gives this a unique touch, stir fried with vegetarian sambal & (Sawi) mustard greens. (Malaysia)”

Normally Petai (a green, broadbean-like vegetable) is very pungent and an acquired taste. However I found it to be quite palatable in this dish.


A La Carte Menu: Curry Mutton (Small RM25.80, AUD8.90)

Menu Description: “Fragrant curry soya protein simmered with Okra, eggplant & mushrooms. (Malaysia)”

Curry is one of my favourite foods. What’s not to love about a spice-packed, coconut milk heavy sauce? Combine that with the fact that it’s usually served with my favourite veggies (eggplant, cabbage, green beans), and you’ve got yourself the way to Jaymee’s heart.


A La Carte Menu: Kechara Mystical Pot (Small RM 20.80, AUD 6.52)

Menu description: “Shiitake Mushroom, carrot, romaine, golden mushroom, bean curd & round momos served in hot pot of miso soup (Tibet)”

The soup was lovely, as were the vegetables. However the momos were not to my liking. I fancy that they were packed with a herb I detest – coriander.


A La Carte Menu: Claypot Loh See Fun (RM 13.80, AUD 4.33)

Menu description: “Served with Chinese Cabbage, red carrot, mushroom, and vegetarian chicken. (Chinese)”

Loh See Fun is something I’ve missed a lot living on the Gold Coast, as it’s hard to find at Asian Grocery Stores. Combine that with the fact that I don’t think Sanitarium sells gravy-free vegetarian minced meat anymore, and it’s a flavour I haven’t had since turning vego. (I once made Loh See Fun with western gravy. It was gross.)

Whilst this wasn’t packed with soy sauce like traditional Loh See Fun, the flavours were mild enough to enjoy amongst the spicier of our dishes.


A La Carte Menu: Assam Fish (Small RM 20.80, AUD 6.52)

Menu description: “Stir fried home made organic fish (Soya) with okra & eggplant. (Nyonya)”

I’m always wary of claims crying ‘HOME MADE”. You can cook professional quality food at home, and you can cook under par of industry standard for your restaurant.

Assam Fish is heavy on tamarind, which makes it fairly sour, in combination with fiery spices. It’s not a flavour I’m used to, since it’s usually used to cook seafood. The sauce was almost too thick, considering the amount of flavour attached. The fish was a decent replica, however – nice and soft.


We – nay, I ordered too much for 4 people.

I ate the leftover for dinner that night.


Obligatory shopping afterwards.


Grocery shopping, to be precise.


Ma had a bowl of warm leong cha, a black herbal tea.


“It’s good for your throat!”


i didn’t get a drink cause Eve said she’d make me a drink when we got home: Iced Ribena with 100 plus (a popular Malaysian carbonated beverage).


The meat-eaters had Aunty Maan’s Leftover Lasagna  for dinner.


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