Day 20 (Malaysia): Earthworm, Putu Mayam, Steamed Triple Egg and Cat

Aunty Maan made egg sandwiches for breakfast. Uncle Cliff didn’t finish his.


I got halfway through mine.


Teh tarik anyone?


We came here for supper on Day 9 and we’ve returned! It’s super close to our house.


Creepy sleeping Eve.


Eve’s playtime with toothpicks.


Oh hi there earthworm.


Run away little fella!


Eve’s weird artwork.


Putu Mayam seller. Goes around on his motorbike tooting his own horn.


Putu Mayam consists of dry, cooked vermicelli rice noodles sprinkled with dried (not cooked) grated coconut and brown sugar. It’s a tasty little snack.


Home-made Fried Tofu sprinkled with dried turnip, coriander, fried garlic and soy sauce.


Steamed Triple Egg: salted egg, century egg and chicken egg, sprinkled with chopped spring onion.


Oh hi there cat with wonky tail.


Xiong Tong Yin Choi: Spinach with Century Egg in Double Boiled Soup


Aunty Maan originally planned to cook dinner, so her fish was already defrosted. She brought it to the restaurant and asked them to cook it for RM10 (AUD 3.14). It’s normally RM60 (AUD 18.82).

Steamed Tiger Garoupa, with grated ginger, coriander and oily soy sauce.


Cat, are you following me now? …or am I following you?


Stir-fried Long Green Beans and Petai with Minced Garlic. The petai in this dish were too pungent for me, so I ate around them.


Yes, okay, I like your face too.


Century egg up close. They’re made through preservation in a mixture of clay, ash, salt, quicklime and rice hulks for several weeks to months.

What does it taste like?

Ma: It’s bland.

Aunty Maan: I like it! How to describe?


Fine. You’re a cute kitty. 


Goodbye Kitty.


Sunset from our balcony.


The power went out, so we lazed around. Oh my darling internet.


Goodnight, everyone.


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