Day 23 (Malaysia): Fail Jap Bread, Fail Cheesecake and a Lovely Thai Dinner

I’m noticing a pattern here. Breakfast: Takeaway from last night’s dinner.


Uncle’s Pan Mee.


Expensive rice crackers from Japan. (Over AUD 1 each)




Aunty Maan skyping her daughter Jade, who’s on Lions Club Youth Exchange in Switzerland.


Ingredients for Failed Japanese Bread


Pearl’s notes.


Her brother Shaun came back from England (also on exchange) today. He’s loud, boisterous, and loves hitting his sisters (in a somewhat friendly, you don’t need to call the police way)


Combine ingredients and knead for 30 minutes.


Place in bowl and let it rise for 25 minutes.


Knead again.


Realise the scales were broken and you have nowhere near enough butter in your dough and that not even copious amounts of water will save your hours of hard work.


To make cheesecake, combine dry ingredients in a bowl. Throw them in a blender and add the wet ingredients. Blend. Pour into cake tin.

Apparently the Japanese family Pearl stayed with liked to press and fold the baking paper into the pan, as opposed to cutting out strips and shapes to fit.


Eve likes to help Pearl cook. All she does is pour the ingredients that Pearl measured out into a bowl.


The oven wasn’t hot enough, so Pearl cranked up the heat halfway. Resulting in this. A wet, sunken cheesecake. Wooh!


Buying Malay Kueh from a roadside dweller seller.


Dinner: Thai Restaurant

Pandan water.


Thai Style Coconut Seafood Otak-otak RM 20, AUD 6.25


Pat Thai RM 10, AUD 3.13


Thai Fried Brinjal RM 12, AUD 3.75


House Specialty BBQ Pork Neck Meat RM 24.00, AUD 7.50


Deep Fried Kang Kong RM 12.00, AUD 3.75


Non-vegetarian Sauce served with the Fried Kang Kong


Green Curry RM 18, AUD 5.63


Fried Onion Omelette (not on the menu) 


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One thought on “Day 23 (Malaysia): Fail Jap Bread, Fail Cheesecake and a Lovely Thai Dinner

  1. […] So I forgot to mention that last night Pearl retried her Japanese Bread recipe (click here for day 23′s fail). […]

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