Day 24 (Malaysia): Nyonya Breakfast, Judo Practice with Champions and Home Cooking

Went to Mid Valley Mega Mall for lunch.


Ma’s green bean soup (luk dou sui, a dessert soup). RM 3.80, AUD 1.19


Mee Hoon Siam with Rendang Chicken RM 9.80, AUD 3.06


Mee Hoon Siam with Rendang Chicken RM 9.80, AUD 3.06


Hot Teh O RM 2.40, AUD 0.75 & Hot Teh Tarik RM 2.80, AUD 0.88


Ice Teh Tarik RM 3.20, AUD 1


Prawn Fritter RM 2.50, AUD 0.78


Chee Cheong Fun (classic) RM 4.80, AUD 1.50


Yellow Laksa (Thai) RM 8.90 I ordered this dish without meat. The first time round, they brought it with chicken. The second time, I swear they just took the chicken out without recooking from scratch. Add that to the fact that it’s an oversalted dish with just vermicelli noodles and white carrot, one of my least impressive meals of this trip.


Buying jackfruit from the supermarket. It’s my favourite Malaysian fruit.


Pearl picking out Ciku, another Malaysian fruit.


Following Pearl and Eve to their Judo class at the SMK Seri Bintang Utara dojo. Pearl and her twin Jade won silver medals in the 2010 Malaysia Games for Judo Kata. They also won bronze medals in the National Judo Championships in 2012, held in Perak..


For the past 3 years, Eve competed in the Jag Sport Open Championship. She won silver in 2010 and 2011, winning gold in 2012.




Mucking around before class starts.


Bowing to the teacher at the start of class.


Warming up.




Jogging around.


Jogging counter around.




Smacking the ground to land safely.








Sitting duck.


Teacher demonstration.








Cooling off after class.




Dinner time: courtesy of the cooking skills of Aunty Maan.

Fried fish


Stir Fried Green Beans and Eggplant with Ham Choi (salted vegetables).


Steamed brown rice.


Steamed tofu with kecap manis and fried minced garlic


Stir-fried bean sprouts with soy sauce


ABC soup (tofu chunks, onion, carrot, potato, tomato and soup seasoning)


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