Jaymee Mak

Jaymee Mak is passionate about creating games with an emphasis on story, puzzles and exploration of philosophy and social issues.

She graduated with honours from a Diploma of Game Design at Vancouver Film School, Canada, as one of four recipients of the 2013 Women in Games Scholarship.

Jaymee is lead organizer of a regular game jam at her alma mater called ‘Hat Jam. You can find her articles on the jam, amongst other journalistic pursuits, on the VFS arcade at the following link:


Her love of creativity – from singing and acting, to writing and photography – is the superpower behind her drive to inspire social change.

She will also occasionally bombard this blog with photos of delicious, scrumptious foods that dive into her belly. Pastry chef was #5 on her childhood dream job list.

2014 Diploma of Game Design (Honours) Vancouver Film School, Women in Games Scholarship

2013 BA Arts (Philosophy and Journalism) Bond University, Collegiate Scholarship

Freelance Journalist

LinkedIn: ca.linkedin.com/pub/jaymee-mak/40/9a5/887/

Blog: https://appletomypi.wordpress.com/

Musician: http://www.youtube.com/MyNameIsJaymeeNotAmy

Inquiries may be posted below or emailed to jai_singz@hotmail.com


3 thoughts on “Jaymee Mak

  1. marymtf says:

    Hi Jaymee, I wanted to read your opinion about how the media got it wrong about Bonnie Whitehead but I haven’t been able to access the promised 749 words of your article. I would like to.
    You seem to have backtracked to my piece on drinking and I’ve since had a fair few views. But I’m not sure why you chose me as an example of how people got it wrong. My article wasn’t about Bonnie. I only mentioned her as a note bene postscript at the end to back up my personal views on what I think about underage (though legal) drinking. If I hadn’t made it clear (probably not) I thought that Bonnie had a lot of promise and I was sorry that she would never get to fulfill it. I’d really appreciate reading the rest of your article so I can find out for myself what it was that upset you.

    • Hi Mary,
      Thanks for your message. I took down my post at the request of one of her close friends, as they wished for everything to boil down and not aggravate the media further. I wasn’t aware that my blog post was still coming up in searches.

      The blog post I mentioned in mine was thus: http://thehoopla.com.au/dumb-drinking-culture/ – was that yours? If so, I mentioned it because it leads with Bonnie, as well as a picture of her, thus fueling misconceptions of her final moments.

      Ah. I found your post. http://marysomnibus.wordpress.com/2012/09/20/boys-will-be-boys-until-they-turn-18/ , yes? They’ve probably been linked by wordpress because we both tagged Bonnie. Although I did not mention your piece, upon reading it now, I’d ask that you remove mention of her from your post, out of respect for her family and friends.

      As in my comment on the hoopla article:
      “As a Bond University student, I feel it would have been wise for you (the writer) to have waited for the Coroner’s report to come out before using a young girl’s death to fuel your agenda.
      A small point, but many of the media reports about Bonnie’s death stemmed from an inaccurate report by the Gold Coast Bulletin, whose main source was a girl by the name of ‘Karlina Bupple’, a falsified name.
      Bonnie was an incredibly intelligent and stable girl.
      I understand your intentions for the wider community are good, but in doing so, please minimize the damage to her reputation.”

      If you’d like a copy of my actual article, please send me your email and I would be happy to email you a copy.

      Jaymee Mak.

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