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Post-Mortem: Misorderly [Vancouver Film School Student Project]

(For context, Misorderly can be played or downloaded through links in my portfolio.)



It’s difficult to explain anything that went right with our project without first explaining everything that went wrong. So for this post-mortem, I’ll be examining the major obstacles we faced in creating the casual action runner that is Misorderly – and what it took to overcome them. I should mention that all points raised here relate to soft skills – design, project management – so if you’re looking for a technical post-mortem, this isn’t it. Continue reading

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Note: Ludum Dare is a quarterly game jam where participants from all over the world make a game from start to finish in 48 hours (competition mode) or 72 hours (jam mode). Guerric and I did the jam. The theme was ‘You Only Get One’. Entries are judged based on: innovation, fun, theme, graphics, audio, humor, mood and overall. Participants play and rate each others games. Results will be announced on January 5th, 2014.

‘Mama is Sick’ can be played here:

My first Ludum Dare! And my second game jam ever.

This post will cover what mine and @GarrickWinter (Guerric Haché)’s game is about, a summary of the process we went about making it and the top 3 things done well and the top 3 things we could improve on.

Quick description of our game (taken from the instructions screen):

“Mama is Sick” is a resource-management, hard-times simulation game.

YOU ONLY GET ONE DOLLAR A DAY to look after your family (thanks to a generous family from overseas) while papa is away and mama is sick.

Buy food and water to make sure the food, water and health bars of you and your family don’t reach zero or death will occur.

If your education bar reaches zero, you won’t graduate high school.

You have to last 50 days until papa comes back. Will you manage to graduate? Will everyone survive?

You can work in a clothing factory to earn 50c a day, but be careful not to miss too much school. You also need to study at least three days a week or risk not being able to graduate.

Screen Shot 2013-12-16 at 5.49.59 PM Continue reading

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GamePost: Hat Jam 3, Halloween Game Jam – The Temptation of Antonio the Vampire [Post-Mortem]

Hat Jam is a game jam that runs at VFS (Vancouver Film School) once a term and is organized by fellow students Anna Prein and Michelangelo Pereira Huezo.

Teams of 3 had less than 48 hours to design and make a game from scratch, based on a painting that was randomly given to them.

You can read Anna’s write up of the jam on the VFS arcade and play games made by other teams here: http://community.vfs.com/arcade/2013/11/hat-jam-3-thirteen-games/#more-8907

I entered with two of my classmates, Danilo Reyes and Guerric Haché, winning best story.

Picture taken from here: Danilo, myself and Guerric, with a screenshot of our game.


This post is about the process behind the game we made, ‘The Temptation of Antonio the Vampire‘, which can be played by clicking on the name or following this link: http://projects.myvfs.com/games/HatJam3/SanAntonio/SanAntonio.html Continue reading

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Unity 2013 Unite Conference Days 2 & 3: Awards, Free Phones & Partying like only Unity knows how

Click here for Day 1.

The talks given on day 2 of the conference were much more programming heavy so they mostly went over my head. If I were to redo the Unity conference, I would have focused on attending the design-oriented talks, such as the post-mortems. Although I know basic programming and enjoy it, my goal is to be a narrative designer (working my way up to creative director, like many other aspiring designers).

Hopefully by the next time I attend a conference like this, I’ll have obtained enough programming understanding to make better use of the talks.

Nonetheless, the Unite conference was invaluable in terms of  networking with members of the industry and absorbing what it takes to make it.

_MG_0085 Continue reading

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Unity 2013 Unite Conference Day 1: Keynote, Occulus & Postmortems

My Vancouver Film School programming teacher, Peter Walsh, was kind enough to pass on a bunch of free tickets to the Unity 2013 Unite Conference to staff and randomly selected students.

Boy, what luck I had. The 3 days of the conference were easily the best time I’ve had in Vancouver yet – hundreds of game developers, programmers and the like from all over the world gathered in one location to hurrah Unity, play with new technology, listen to talks curated by Unity… and indulge in the free food and drinks at the nightly parties.

My blog posts about the event will be focussed on the people I met and the highlights of the conference from the perspective of a student who’s a beginner programmer and is only just starting to learn how to use Unity.

Here’s a few of my classmates standing in the main hallway (from left to right): Nick, Chris and Andrew.

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