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GamePost: Hat Jam 3, Halloween Game Jam – The Temptation of Antonio the Vampire [Post-Mortem]

Hat Jam is a game jam that runs at VFS (Vancouver Film School) once a term and is organized by fellow students Anna Prein and Michelangelo Pereira Huezo.

Teams of 3 had less than 48 hours to design and make a game from scratch, based on a painting that was randomly given to them.

You can read Anna’s write up of the jam on the VFS arcade and play games made by other teams here: http://community.vfs.com/arcade/2013/11/hat-jam-3-thirteen-games/#more-8907

I entered with two of my classmates, Danilo Reyes and Guerric Haché, winning best story.

Picture taken from here: Danilo, myself and Guerric, with a screenshot of our game.


This post is about the process behind the game we made, ‘The Temptation of Antonio the Vampire‘, which can be played by clicking on the name or following this link: http://projects.myvfs.com/games/HatJam3/SanAntonio/SanAntonio.html Continue reading

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Unity 2013 Unite Conference Days 2 & 3: Awards, Free Phones & Partying like only Unity knows how

Click here for Day 1.

The talks given on day 2 of the conference were much more programming heavy so they mostly went over my head. If I were to redo the Unity conference, I would have focused on attending the design-oriented talks, such as the post-mortems. Although I know basic programming and enjoy it, my goal is to be a narrative designer (working my way up to creative director, like many other aspiring designers).

Hopefully by the next time I attend a conference like this, I’ll have obtained enough programming understanding to make better use of the talks.

Nonetheless, the Unite conference was invaluable in terms of  networking with members of the industry and absorbing what it takes to make it.

_MG_0085 Continue reading

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VANCOUVERPOST: First Playtest, First Fridays & Diners

I said the next update would be quick, didn’t I?

Pre-school breakfast.


There are so many diners in Vancouver. It’s kind of weird, being from Australia, where diners are niche and expensive because they’re reminiscent of the American lifestyle we crave from all the American media our generation and the one before us consumed. Continue reading

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VANCOUVERPOST: Pacific Rim, Parks & Breakfast

So much happens in a week here that I apologise in advance for a year’s worth of massive blog posts, filled with multiple jumbled topics. I shall get around to reformatting my blog for easier navigation during my next school break.


So I recently watched Pacific Rim (2013) and I realised that it’s been a while since I’ve found myself relating to a female protagonist. Maybe ever – Mulan (1998) being the only exception. So this is my Mako-inspired outfit and make-up, thrown together from stuff I had lying around the house. It’s not a cosplay by any means, but something I like to do from time to time. I remember watching Rebel Without A Cause (1955) and thinking that I couldn’t wait to wear a red jacket, white t-shirt, blue jeans and boots. 

Mako Mori is a Japanese orphan, adopted by the director of mech operations, Stacker Pentecost. She’s kick-ass and plays the love interest to the lead character, Raleigh Beckett – without being overtly sexualised. What I particularly enjoyed is that Mako’s actress, Rinko Kikuchi, used her character’s vulnerability to comedic effect, turning the Asian ‘cute girl’ trope into an endearing feature used for a non-sexual purpose.

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